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  • Jahr / 2021
  • Kategorie / Hospitality
  • Autor / Enzo Eusebi
  • Fotos / Nothing Studio

nh S4 Circulaire - Neri&Hu

With the Harena project, Enzo Eusebi wants to find a connection between communities and individuals, in a historical moment in which the concept of relationship is being critically and radically reconsidered.

he space is a sequence of rooms housing a restaurant, an academy for professional chefs organised around ultra-technological workstations, an American bar/bistro complete with a "library lounge", and an international wine cellar.

nh - Neri&Hu

nh 35 Suspension - Neri&Hu

The renovation includes using the old cinema as a large atrium-like space. 
Here, the original platforms that once supported the machines have been used as raumplan and points of further and different aggregation.

Enzo Eusebi has also preserved and re-proposed with contemporary materials the existing structures of the building, only inserting a new light steel structure that reinvents the main facade also through new openings for natural ventilation that will reduce the need for artificial cooling.

nh S5 Elliptic - Neri&Hu

nh Floor - Neri&Hu

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