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It is a suspension system that models the qualities of space according to a molecular growth, combining light and sound absorption.
Once again, Artemide’s project with BIG is guided by a strong idea of ​​interaction with spaces, an open, modular and scalable solution that combines technological innovation with compositional intelligence, translating them into something apparently elementary but scenographic and full of potential.


The bare structural ring of Ripple allows the distribution of sound-absorbing modules in space and the fullest possible exploitation of their potential, leaving the sound-absorbing surfaces as exposed as possible. The reciprocal position of the sound-absorbing elements is every bit as important as their number.


Acoustic comfort is the psychophysical condition of well-being in which we find ourselves when we are surrounded by sound, in relation to the activity we are performing. A place’s acoustic quality is determined by reverberation time, space and the sound-absorbing, reflective and distribution properties of the surfaces that cover it. 
Aobj (m2) is the equivalent acoustic absorption value of an object at different sound frequencies necessary to calculate the reverberation time of a space.



3 Codes gefunden

code Watt lm CCT
Ripple - V3
NEW* 52W 2400lm 3000K
Ripple - V6
NEW* 104W 4800lm 3000K
Ripple - V9
NEW* 156W 7200lm 3000K


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