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Generaction Artemide is an innovative project that aims to support and highlight the Gen Z passion towards the humanity and the future of the planet.

Artemide gives voice to young Centennials, who have distinguished themselves in various and different fields thanks to their personal skills and innovative ideas, while supporting their studies and research paths.

GenerAction is an ongoing project, that aims to welcome and listen to Gen Z from all over the world.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, Saudi, 17 years old


Rayouf is leading the successful Hijab Emoji Project. Her aim is to not only encourage representation for the hijabi community, but to also prompt
an open dialogue about the hijab itself.

Valerio Pagliarino, Italian, 18 years old


Valerio’s LaserWan project was one of the winners of the “Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017“. This innovative technology, able to transmit data with light, has been  recently recognized with an Industrial Patent of Invention.

Eliott Sarrey, French, 18 years old 


Eliott is a robotic enthusiast and the winner of the Google Science Fair Incubator prize. He created Bot2Karot, the first robot able to manage your garden by smartphone control.

Gitanjali Rao, American, 14 years old


Gitanjali has received numerous awards for her device that detects lead in water faster than the current techniques.
As a STEM promoter, she shares her knowledge with elementary students to encourage innovation, especially among girls.

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