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Santa Maria
presso San Satiro

  • Year / 2016
  • Category / Culture
  • Author / Area Studio S.r.l & Artemide
  • Photo / Michele Nastasi

The architectural space of Santa Maria near San Satiro, the result of the renovation and enlargement by Donato Bramante, has a special relationship with natural light.

The artificial lighting project was born from the analysis of the particular atmospheres and geometries created by natural light inside the sacred architecture: perspective, geometry, rhythm and relationship between full and empty spaces are the key points for the respect of the identity of the place.

According to the project developed by the Areastudio Company and in agreement with Sopraintendenza al Paesaggio e ai Beni architettonici e con l’Arcidiocesi, Artemide has specifically designed and produced special products for a lighting solution that respects the specific architectural and symbolic characteristics of the building

Artemide's expertise has allowed the realization of a new experience in the relationship between space and light, natural and artificial

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