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With simple geometry, stripped of all formal digressions and reduced to its basics, Ilio draws attention through saturated colour, available in 7 variations. A mono-material aluminium cylinder supports a 39W LED optical engine on the top, which produces high-efficiency diffused indirect light emissions. With a flow of more than 2700 lumen and an 80% yield, it ensures the general lighting of a room. With light regulator configured to controlled socket, dimmer microswitch.

Product overview


delivered lumens output (lm)


12 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Ilio Blue electro 2700K
1640W50A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio Blue electro 3000K
1640050A 45W 3564lm 3000K
Ilio Glossy black 2700K
1640W30A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio Glossy black 3000K
1640030A 45W 3564lm 3000K
Ilio Limon yellow 2700K
1640W40A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio Limon yellow 3000K
1640040A 45W 3564lm 3000K
Ilio Orange amber 2700K
1640W60A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio Orange amber 3000K
1640060A 45W 3564lm 3000K
Ilio Rubin red 2700K
1640W10A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio Rubin red 3000K
1640010A 45W 3564lm 3000K
Ilio white 2700K
1640W20A 45W 3332lm 2700K
Ilio white 3000K
1640020A 45W 3564lm 3000K


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