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Laguna Tavolo

A wide collection of glass lighting appliances available in three sizes. Each size is available in the table, floor, ceiling and suspension version.Materials: lamp body in extruded aluminum; diffuser in blown glass.Specification: the milkywhite, blown glass with crystal nuances produces a soft spot light on the table top or wall, plus a highperforming light towards the surrounding environment.

Product overview




delivered lumens output (lm)


6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Laguna 16 Table - Satin Brass
1800140A 6W 369lm 2700K
Laguna 16 Table - Satin Bronze
1800160A 6W 369lm 2700K
Laguna 26 Table - Satin Brass
1805140A 18W 1203lm 2700K
Laguna 26 Table - Satin Bronze
1805160A 18W 1203lm 2700K
Laguna 37 Table - Satin Brass
1809140A 18W 1158lm 2700K
Laguna 37 Table - Satin Bronze
1809160A 18W 1158lm 2700K


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