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100% Suspension Basic

Only 6mm of thickness of the aluminum body. Controlled direct and indirect diffuse emission. Touch dimmer on the module body (Only for 100% Suspension). Independent management of each module even within multiple configurations (Only for 100% Suspension). It is possible to connect up to 7 modules with a single power supply. Mechanical connecting elements (Magnetic) and electrical on the edges of each module. Connection joints 90 ° and 120 °.

Product overview


4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
100% Suspension Basic - Black
DRL1903B09N 32W 2427lm 4000K
100% Suspension Basic - Silver
DRL1903B00 32W 2427lm 4000K
100% Suspension Basic - Silver/white
DRL1903B00B 32W 2427lm 4000K
100% Suspension Basic - White
DRL1903B10B 32W 2427lm 4000K


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