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Surf System

A valid alternative to fluorescent modules for general lighting solutions of the tertiary buildings, school premises, public or industrial spaces, and circulation areas, Surf System Led is a more than attractive option easily interchangeable with Surf System fluorescent modules of 1193mm (2x54W T16) or 1493mm (2x80W) long. The same lighting level is obtained with up to 50 % less energy consumed and an exceptional luminaire efficiency of up to 100lm/W. A targeted range is available: two lengths of modules (1193 and 1493mm), four luminous flux options and two colour temperatures (3000K/5350lm-7000lm and 4000K/5450lm-7300lm) and three modes of electronic lighting management (non dimmable, dimmable Dali and Interactive-Dali System). Surf System Led is available in the same dimensions and is using the same finishing and fixing components like Surf System T16, guaranteeing perfect interchangeability with the fluorescent version.   1193 mm long module: Total luminous flux of luminaire: 5350 lm (3000 K) - 5450 lm (4000 K) Luminaire efficiency: 99 lm/W (3000 K) - 101 lm/W (4000 K) Light distribution: 100% indirect Total power of luminaire: 54W

Product overview

delivered lumens output (lm)



4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Surf System Led - Undimmable - 3000K - White
BD00001 53W 6223lm 3000K
Surf System Led - Undimmable - 4000K - White
BD00101 53W 6544lm 4000K
Surf System Led - Dimmable DALI - 3000K - White
BD01001 53W 6223lm 3000K
Surf System Led - Dimmable DALI - 4000K - White
BD01101 53W 6544lm 4000K


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