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The Pantheon
Iconic Rome Hotel

  • Année / 2019
  • Catégorie / Hospitality
  • Auteur / Studio Marco Piva
  • Photo / Andrea Martiradonna

In this project Artemide is once again representing the best Made in Italy that combines design, expertise, manufacturing quality, innovation and research. Artemide has always collaborated with important national and international architectural firms not only for the design of its collections but also for the creation of custom solutions that best meet the specific needs of each project.

Custom wall and ceiling lamps

Custom wall lamp especially made by Artemide

Custom table lamp

Custom cluster ceiling lamp

Also for the project The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel Artemide combines knowledge and know-how, combining more dematerialized solutions where the scenography of light emphasizes architecture with elements in which perfect light performance enhances shapes and materiality.

The collaboration between Studio Marco Piva and Artemide has made it possible to create changing lighting scenographies of great effect both for the architecture, inserted in the historical urban context, and for the emotionally involving interiors.

Custom cluster ceiling lamp

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