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La Pietà Rondanini

  • Année / 2015
  • Catégorie / Culture
  • Auteur / Artemide
  • Photo / Gabriele Demarin

The lighting design developed for La Pietà is simple and minimalist and does not affect the visual enjoyment of the environment. It has a perfect control of the glare phenomenon allowing the visitor to contemplate the work undisturbed. Even the luminous bodies, used for the project, are not invasive, they are hidden and positioned exclusively along the perimeter of the room

Artemide has provided lighting for the large exhibition space with the latest generation LED projectors, which create a uniform, pleasant and balanced light, perfect for welcoming the work and visitors.
For the direct lighting of the sculpture, LED shapers have been created to enhance the plasticity of the work. The delicate chiaroscuro obtained by Artemide light allows a good reading of the shapes, highlighting the material contrast expressed by the white marble, without interfering with the natural expressivity of the subject.

The Artemide light is positioned in such a way as to guarantee a perfect coherence of illumination between the back and the front of the sculpture, which is presented to the public exposed from the back. The perfect balance between the lighting of the room and that of the work is made possible by a scenographic, intelligent and perfectly controlled management of all the light bodies.

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