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Saratov Airport
VIP Lounge

  • Année / 2019
  • Catégorie / Hospitality
  • Auteur / VOX Architects
  • Photo / Sergey Ananiev

The image of the VIP-hall is inspired by the figure of the space pioneer - Yuri Gagarin, who landed in April 1961 in these places.
The mysterious unlimited space is filled with mystical signs and permeated with bright rays, symbolizing the synergy of scientific and technological achievements and human courage. 

The vertical “pillar of light” is an element of the organization of a two-level interior, which includes a complex architectural volume of a circular soaring staircase, an elevator located in the core of the structure, an adjacent bar and lighting that dematerializes the space. The coloristic decision is based on a “heavenly” combination of white with different shades of blue.

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