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Uffici Modellistica

  • Année / 2020
  • Catégorie / Office
  • Auteur / Reparto Modellistica Giuntini Tuscan Tailoring + Andstudioarchitects, Arch. Andrea Mannocci
  • Photo / Piero Savorelli

Manual skills and technology, experience and research, “know-how” to evolve an idea in a quality product: these are the core values that Artemide shares with Giuntini brand, in addition to its passion for excellence, innovation and versatility.

Artemide illuminates Giuntini office workspaces with a stunning, tailor-made configuration of A.24 system that freely and seamlessly runs through the environment, providing general lighting to this elegant open space.

Directly above the work tables, on the other hand, there are suspended Eggboard: with their dual function of lamps and sound-absorbing panels, they ensure perfect light on the worktop and an excellent sound level of the environment.

Artemide once again delivers a sophisticated and effective lighting solution, to highlight the charm of these spaces without giving up functionality.

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