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Founder of DCUBE design espaces lumière SA, Davide Oppizzi founded the agency DCUBE design espaces lumière SA in Geneva in 2001. He specializes in the creation and development of high quality projects related to lighting, greentech and architecture.
Light and matter: the constant quest

for pure and authentic lines, those that raise the object to a level of timeless aesthetic refinement that is both exclusive and functional, Davide Oppizzi is specialised in the art of lighting, the only way, in his words, to sublimate the matter he works in.
Davide Oppizzi’s imagination, his emotional vision of the tangible and intangible world, as well as his expertise in niche areas has brought him to the forefront of the international scene.
Global prestige brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Graff have entrusted him with projects that illustrate the profound link between a being and the surrounding nature, the nature that feeds their inspiration at all times. Davide Oppizzi possesses rare and unique mastery of two worlds that appear paradoxical at first: technology and creative sensitivity.
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