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Caffe Triennale

  • Jahr / 2022
  • Kategorie / Culture / Hospitality
  • Autor / Luca Cipelletti
  • Fotos / Michele Nastasi

Gople - BIG

Artemide once again renews its collaboration with Triennale Milano, a prestigious cultural institution and reference point for a city that is an international symbol of design.
It does so by illuminating the spaces of the renovated Caffe Triennale with products that bear witness to innovation and made in Italy, sustainability and dialogue with architecture and nature.

Alphabet of Light System - BIG

Alphabet of Light, by BIG, enhances the architecture with continuous lines of diffused and comfortable light that follow it thanks to the flexibility of the patented system.

Gople & Gople RWB - BIG

A series of Gople, handcrafted glass suspensions designed by BIG, illuminate the cafeteria tables.
The presence of nature even in indoor spaces becomes essential, which is why the RWB version of Gople was also introduced, this is an innovative technology capable of nurturing nature by supporting its growth with the right wavelength.

The result is a welcoming and dynamic environment, in which lighting scenarios can be simply changed with Artemide App, not only to follow the daily rhythms of activities, but also to create the right setting for the temporary installations dedicated to sustainability that will be welcomed in the spaces of the Triennale Café.

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