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Novelties 2020

The new products are the result of renewed collaboration with Italian and international architects (with whom cultural synergies and project partnerships have been created) but also of new dialogues in a common path of innovation and sustainability.  

They are the result of the application of Artemide's technological research and the numerous patents of invention.  

They are an expression of Artemide's commitment to sustainability which, starting from design and production, translates into consumption-conscious solutions throughout the entire life cycle, also thanks to management intelligences such as Artemide App.

"Our approach to design tries to find the true soul of the idea so we can create timeless objects that can be used for generations"

BIG's Gople family grows with new versions dedicated to different languages of lighting.

Starting from the iconic silhouette of the glass, it is declined in material dimensions and functionality to generate new ways of lighting: a potable lamp, an outdoor family, a track with spot that dialogues with the Alphabet of Light system.

The collaboration with BIG has also led to other innovative projects such as La Linea, flexible and resistant to lights indoors and outdoors, and Ripple, which in its modular growth provides a luminous and acoustic environmental quality.

"Our approach to design tries to find the true soul of the idea so we can create timeless objects that can be used for generations"

Flexia Suspension, Mario Cucinella

Flexia stems from the combination of the technical lighting know-how of Artemide and the experience in sustainable design of Mario Cucinella.

They share a common vision aimed at improving the quality of everyday life while respecting people and the environment.

Flexia is composed of two flexible wings, one is an acoustic panel that controls the reverberation by absorbing the sound waves reflected in the environment, the other is a transparent emitting surface that generates a uniform and comfortable light thanks to Discovery's patented technology.

It fits transversely into all contexts where acoustic and visual well-being is required.

“Flexia is a play on perceptions, between the visible which is material and colour, and the invisible which becomes light”

Flexia Wall, Mario Cucinella

Flexia Cluster, Mario Cucinella

Bontà, Davide Oldani

Bontà, designed by chef Davide Oldani, is a new portable lamp that explores the connection between light, food and conviviality.

A diffusing body is combined with different bowls. This – and the lamp itself – are made from hand-worked glass, making them unique pieces whose texture, transparency and colour generate a special dialogue between light and food, blurring the boundaries between them.

In Bontà innovation and tradition are combined.

Bontà, Davide Oldani

Bontà, Davide Oldani

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