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Artemide illuminates
MEET headquarters

MEET, the international centre for digital culture with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, presents its new headquarters in the centre of Milan.

Artemide has been supporting MEET for several years, confirming a synergic sharing of themes linked to a project culture that knows how to be an engine of innovation and future.

In the new headquarters designed by Carlo Ratti Associati, Artemide light becomes an integral part of the spirit of the project spaces.

MEET is a place for meeting, exchange and comparison not only online but also on site, "MEET" is the message that the chandelier of light fragments, designed by Carlo Ratti with Artemide, recomposes at the entrance. The point of view of those who enter brings together the individual suspended elements, the perspective measure translates them into communication.

The entrance becomes a place of welcome and opening

The entrance becomes a place of welcome and opening, where the patented Integralis technology will soon make it safer to be together. Discovery, designed by Ernesto Gismondi, combines in a scenographic installation: controlled by Artemide App, the innovative Integralis light technology acts against pathogenic microorganisms and makes it possible, in compliance with the rules, to take possession of spaces with greater safety and attention to health.

A composition of more than 30 metres of Alphabet of Light by BIG runs fluidly between the entrance spaces, connecting them and guiding the visitor inwards. The essentiality of this modular system, able to grow with continuity and uniformity in emission, encloses a very high level of patented optical and electronic innovation.


The entrance becomes a place of welcome and opening

MEET wants to rediscover a new humanism with digital

Throughout the project Artemide light follows the rhythms of people, their belonging to the spaces. It is declined with expressive and scenographic presences as in the entrance hall or it allows pure light to tell and emphasize architecture, events, communication.

In the immersive digital room the dynamic light of LoT (Light over Time, by Tapio Rosenius) dialogues with the projections on the walls for an even more involving experience. Patented optical innovation and management intelligence make it possible to model beam openings and light colour to recreate different scenographies with luminaires that disappear into the architecture.

MEET wants to rediscover a new humanism with digital

In the stairs, the heart of the building created to accommodate people and projections, light follows its flows.

In the offices, Carlotta de Bevilacqua's A39 suspension luminaires guarantee optimal perception thanks to the innovative optics with which they control emission.

MEET wants to rediscover a new humanism with digital. A space in the heart of the city transformed in the future into the present, Artemide light is the perfect marriage with the culture, innovation and experimentation to which this place gives life and voice.

Artemide's "Human&Responsible Light" is a union of humanism and science, knowledge and know-how, translating technological innovation into beauty, experience and management intelligence.

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