Il mondo
di Ernesto

Il Mondo di Ernesto is a tribute installation to Ernesto Gismondi designed by Mario Cucinella.

In an immersive and connective space, with the aim of bringing the public into contact with architecture and storytelling, the installation accompanies visitors through a visual and interactive narration of Artemide's history.

Light becomes a guide that leads the viewer to discover the story: values, design culture, research, know-how, iconic products, innovative projects, encounters and lasting collaborations: a network of creative connections through which Artemide has interpreted light for over 60 years.

«For Ernesto Gismondi, lighting has always been a synthesis of design and technology, a technology that is never cold, but emotional, poetic and human. With this installation I wanted to tell his story and suggestions so that anyone could be transported into Ernesto's World»  


Mario Cucinella

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