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Artemide BAM's Exhibition Partner 2023

Artemide is taking part in the third edition of Open Air Design, an initiative of BAM's cultural program curated by COIMA Image that will animate the Biblioteca degli Alberi from June 7 to 10, creating a sort of design museum spread among the trees to reflect on the relationship between nature, design and sustainability in an inclusive way.

The Artemide installation makes the Red Circle a space in dialogue with nature, architecture and the life that animates the park. A mirrored platform houses four Se|eS elements in two different heights, free to rotate on themselves to reflect multiple perspectives.

The installation interacts with the environment to invite us to discover new perspectives, it is dynamic in reflecting the natural and urban rhythms around it in ever-changing ways, it leads us to dwell on unusual points of view to give new value to our surroundings.

Se|eS, designed by Carolina Gismondi de Bevilacqua and Daniele Moioli, is a spatial palindrome, a disc mirrored on both sides that, with a continuous light set back on its side, illuminates the environment without invading it. 
Se|eS hides itself while enlight and reflect its surroundings.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua, president and CEO of Artemide, during a talk on the relationship between nature, design and sustainability with Davide Oldani, star chef and designer for Artemide of Bontà portable lamp.

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