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Artemide celebrates the 10th anniversary of Ilio with a special autographed and numbered version of 2000 pieces.
Designed by Artemide founder Ernesto Gismondi, it is an essential and timeless element.
Ilio 10 is a synthesis of manufacturing and functional intelligences that is renewed thanks to a refined and sustainable shaded metal finish obtained with PVD technology. This gradation of shades, ranging from warm to cold, gold to silver, interacts with its surroundings by gently reflecting the colors.

Image of Ilio's LED light source.

Ilio 10 Special Edition - Ernesto Gismondi

Image of the base of the ilio.

Ilio 10 Special Edition - Ernesto Gismondi

The finish obtained with the PVD (Phisical Vapour Deposition) process of this special edition of Ilio is the evidence of Artemide's focus on the environment for increasingly sustainable design and production.
Dynamic light management with Artemide App makes each author aware of his/her own light.

Ernesto Gismondi with the first Ilio photographed by Elliott Erwitt.

Picture of Ernesto Gismondi photographed full-length with the Ilio lamps around him.

Ilio 10 Special Edition celebrates the past while projecting into the future.

Each example of this limited edition lamp is laser engraved with Ernesto Gismondi's signature, giving each piece a touch of originality. This signature is a demonstration of Artemide's commitment to offering its customers not only an extremely high-performing and efficient lighting product, but also an iconic and unique object.

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