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Light fixture with direct emission, with high-performance LED light sources. ø60mm pole installation with ø35x120mm shank (not supplied). Anthracite grey finish. Composed by optical housing and support for pole installation. Optical housing in extruded EN-AW-6060 aluminium, chromate treated and painted with 3-stage outdoor treatment: nanotechnologies, antioxidant primer, polyester paint. UV resistant diffuser in shock resistant polycarbonate. High-efficiency asymmetrical optics in metalized polycarbonate. Optical housing support in high-resistance mass-coloured reinforced polymers.

Product overview

delivered lumens output (lm)


2 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Indicta 3000K
T084810 24W 1433lm 3000K
Indicta 4000K
T084800 24W 1341lm 4000K


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