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Null Vector Alfa

Null Vector conveys full synthesis between optical and mechanical performance. The whole frame is generated from the progressive expansion of an individual perforating and shearing mould. This matrix has a perforated pattern that performs three functions: luminous, perceptive, and mechanical. While on one hand it originates from a carefully studied calculation of light emission in space, translated into a graphic element that supports the experienced perception, on the other it is a result of surpassing the limits posed by the material processing technology. From the matrix to the individual element that, disassembled or reassembled in turn, generates paradoxically countless systems, yet simple and easy to understand. The low-voltage LED optical system, also with progressive powers and flows, forms a solid block with the body by means of three 120° transparent pins that allow free light flow and grow gradually in size according to the appliance’s dimension. The multi-faceted frame generates a magic light effect evoking the product’s simplicity and lightness. On request, greater light diffusion and homogeneity can be obtained by means of a glazed diffuser.

Product overview


4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Null Vector Alfa - Aluminium grey
SCENARIOS 6W 390lm 3000K
Null Vector Alfa - Blue
SCENARIOS 6W 390lm 3000K
Null Vector Alfa - Red
SCENARIOS 6W 390lm 3000K
Null Vector Alfa - White
SCENARIOS 6W 390lm 3000K


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