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Lights fixture with high-performance LED light sources. Wall installation. Composed by: body, adjustable joint, terminal board and protective screen. Body in injection mould of aluminium. Terminal base and adjustable joint in injection mould of aluminium. Flange, protection screen in tempered glass, 4mm-thick, with black opal serigraphy. 24Vdc remote driver. White monochromatic LEDs available in 2 colour temperatures: Warm = 3000K Neutral = 4000K Tilting angle +35°/-125° Rotation on horizontal axis: 359°. Wiring to be carried out by means of a plug located in the terminal base. IP Rating IP65. Insulation class I (Obice), insulation class III (Obice mini). Technical features of light fixtures in compliance with EN60598-1. Installation must be carried out by specialized personnel. Carefully follow the instructions.

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delivered lumens output (lm)

4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Obice - 19° 3000K - Black
T430518W10 13W 670lm 3000K
Obice - 19° 3000K - White
T430518W20 13W 670lm 3000K
Obice - 34° 3000K - Black
T430534W10 13W 605lm 3000K
Obice - 34° 3000K - White
T430534W20 13W 605lm 3000K


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