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Lighting system with single or double emission, with high-performance LED light sources combined with lenses which optimize the light emitting efficiency of the beams and determine their spread.Available in two sizes: ø 8 e ø 13 cm. Ceiling and wall installation.Available in two finishes: light grey and painted anthracite grey painted.

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delivered lumens output (lm)

8 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Calumet 13 wall 6° 3000K
T41941NW00 7,5W 366lm 3000K
Calumet 13° wall 6° 3000K
T41941NW10 7,5W 366lm 3000K
Calumet 8 wall 7,8° 3000K
T41911NW00 4W 184lm 3000K
Calumet 8 wall 7,8° 3000K
T41911NW10 4W 184lm 3000K
Calumet 13 wall 2x6° 3000K
T41952NW00 15W 732lm 3000K
Calumet 13° wall 2x6° 3000K
T41952NW10 15W 732lm 3000K
Calumet 8 wall 2x7,8° 3000K
T41922NW00 7,5W 369lm 3000K
Calumet 8 wall 2x7,8° 3000K
T41922NW10 7,5W 369lm 3000K


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