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An aluminium body, featuring alternating vertical and horizontal elements, accommodates the LED. The horizontal bands work as optical sectors, appropriately calibrated vs. each other. The intertwined vertical and horizontal elements are the result of accurate optical and technological feasibility research for die casting production. They also promote air circulation when the appliance is arranged both vertically and horizontally, and allow natural ventilation by convection in all possible usage configurations. Calibration of this structure, in both the small and large version, results in optimal optical darklighting and downlighting performance, thus ensuring high visual comfort. A small-sized mixing chamber ensures the controlled direct emission of light rays. The optical performance of its mechanical surfaces is a direct result of the production process, which includes the optional finishing of surfaces either with subsequent processing finish or with white paint. The white version, with wide-aperture beams, is suited for soft downlighting. The diffusing power of the white surfaces ensures minimal leakage of light emission from within the mesh to give a luminous footprint to the body.

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delivered lumens output (lm)

4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Incipit Suspension 144°- White
M3072W20 44W 3217lm 3000K
Incipit Suspension 38° - Polished aluminium
M3072W00 44W 3097lm 3000K
Incipit Ceiling 144° - White
M3082W20 44W 3217lm 3000K
Incipit Ceiling 38° - Polished aluminium
M3082W00 44W 3097lm 3000K


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