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The Diamante is a light element that can create light scenes of great visual impact, due to the availability of “diamonds” of different colors or by means of the use of prismatic filters.The vertical drop can be realized with different configurations of the number of “diamonds” and heights. The (optional) dynamic light control gives the installation a magical and moving character.Each Diamante is consist of a double-faced LED circuit board and a prism in injection mould of ABS, connected by means of a special electrical cable with high resistance and lightness which allows the flow of data control and electrical current.Specific mounting and connection devices give appropriate ease for mounting and maintenance of the system.

Product overview


3 Codes found

code Watt CCT
Diamante - Calata 7 "diamanti" trasparent
NEW* 1,75W 3000K
Diamante - Calata 7 "diamanti" trasparent colour
NEW* 1,75W 3000K
Diamante - Calata 7 "diamanti" trasparent multicolour
NEW* 1,75W 3000K

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