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Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, President, the Artemide Group is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through 24 controlled and related companies and a distribution network that includes almost 60 single-brand showrooms in major cities all around the world. The Artemide products are distributed in 98 different Countries. With 5 manufacturing plants in Italy, France, Hungary, and the US, 2 glassworks, and 2 R&D facilities in Italy and in France, the Group currently employs about 750 units, including 68 involved in R&D activities, thus confirming the primary role of innovation as a key factor for the Group’s success.



Picto 70

Picto 125

Picto 125 Tunable White

Picto 100

Picto 125 High Flux

Picto 125 Recessed

Ego Spot


Label Light



Ego 55 walk-over

Ego 90 walk-over

Ego 150 flat walk-over

Ego 220 vetro walk-over

Ego 55 downlight

Ego 90 downlight

Ego 150 downlight

Ego 220 downlight

Ego 150 vetro walk-over

Ego 150 vetro downlight

Ego 220 vetro downlight

Ego 55 drive-over

Ego 90 drive-over

Ego 220 drive-over

Ego 150 drive-over

Ego 220 flat walk-over

Ego 55 flat walk-over

Ego 90 flat walk-over


Luceri Kadro LED Trimless - Comfort White Optics

Luceri LED Round Trimless - Comfort White Optics

Luceri LED Round Trimless - Faceted Mirror Optics

Luceri LED Round Trim

Luceri Kadro LED Trimless - Faceted Mirror Optics

Luceri Kadro LED Trim


Parabola 100

Parabola 80



Pixel Mesh

Uglare 19