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Demetra Micro Table

Demetra micro, in the table and wall version with arm, offers the same freedom of the traditional version, i.e. utmost flexibility in directing light across space. While its power and flow are just slightly reduced compared to the classical version, it has all the same pluses in terms of operation and lighting performance. warm light tone very high Cri 90 light quality maximum performance Dimmable with microswitch located on the appliance’s head, it emits warm light with a very high colour yield (Cri 90) Its dimension is therefore minimized to fit into the smallest spaces and to expand the range of potential applications of the entire Demetra family, ideal for work and hospitality locations, as well as for home use.  

Product overview


delivered lumens output (lm)


6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Demetra Micro Table - Grey 2700K
1747W10A 6W 241lm 2700K
Demetra Micro Table - Grey 3000K
1747010A 6W 257lm 3000K
Demetra Micro Table - Polished black 2700K
1747W50A 6W 241lm 2700K
Demetra Micro Table - Polished black 3000K
1747050A 6W 257lm 3000K
Demetra Micro Table - White 2700K
1747W20A 6W 241lm 2700K
Demetra Micro Table - White 3000K
1747020A 6W 257lm 3000K


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