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Orsa is an embodiment of precision – an elegant pendant light pared down to its essential elements, allowing the light to express a larger volume. A slim metal stem flares out at one end to form the heat-sink and housing for the LED, with a UV bonded methacrylate cover containing the light source. The design of the methacrylate cover ensures that the light source remains invisible, giving it an appearance of a floating disk of light. The industrial design team at Foster + Partners experimented with various materials, surfaces and optics to achieve the desired lighting effect and volume. An elegant, minimalist object, Orsa is designed as a single piece or as a part of a larger ensemble.

Product overview



delivered lumens output (lm)


2 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Orsa 21
0351030A 8.5W 562lm 3000K
Orsa 35
0352030A 20W 1861lm 3000K


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