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The Stab light are produced with very traditional bohemian handblowing technology. Its handblowing to wooden moulds.The moulds are produced by hand as well, from hard and wet wood.The glass masters are using glass blowing pipe as basic instrument, gathering several layers of glass in variouse colors and by mouth blowing and shaping with hand tools prepares shape which is very close to the moulds shape.In final stage the glass masters puts the pre-shaped hot glass into the mould and finish the piece to the final shape, which is given by exact form of the mould.After the “hotshop” production phase the vases are finished on cutting shop, where additional parts are cutted out and surface is polished to high gloss.This production process stays on extraordinary skills of glass masters, who are passing their experience from generation to generation.      

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delivered lumens output (lm)

13 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Stablight - 3 colors
DAL0027L90 #N/DW 1019lm 0K
Stablight - Aquamarine
DAL0027L14 #N/DW 1019lm 0K
Stablight - Brown
DAL0027L80 #N/DW 1019lm 0K
Stablight - Green amber
DAL0027L12 #N/DW 1019lm 0K
Stablight "C" - Aquamarine
DAL0027O14 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "C" - Brown
DAL0027O80 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "C" - Green amber
DAL0027O12 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "B" - Aquamarine
DAL0027N14 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "B" - Brown
DAL0027N80 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "B" - Green amber
DAL0027N12 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "A" - Aquamarine
DAL0027M14 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "A" - Brown
DAL0027M80 #N/DW 340lm 0K
Stablight "A" - Green amber
DAL0027M12 #N/DW 340lm 0K


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