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“A spatial structure that interacts with the external or internal environment in which it can be inserted, constituting a luminous filter and at the same time an element that separates, organizes, and hosts plant elements. It places in mutable dialogue the parts that it frames or that it only partially reveals. The three-dimensional vertical elements are connected by light and punctual horizontal lines. It is a thoughtful result of our most recent research in the field of Architecture."
Sonia Calzoni


Hubnet is light, but above all it is a spatial element, a principle of interaction with light, shadow and vision born from architecture. Hubnet, in fact, takes up the structure of the covered path designed for the new centre of the Comunità Nuova-Don Gino Rigoldi, an architectural filter capable of connecting with the surrounding environment in a permeable and osmotic visual relationship. In Hubnet, a rectangular head and a specular rectangular base are joined by rods and by a pattern of volumes that create a rhythm capable of interacting with light. The light emitted by the head opens into the space, reflecting on the vertical elements. These are staggered on several levels, so as to support the volumes and generate shadows, creating a slight pattern of projections in space. Hub-net interacts with the natural light, it becomes a spatial division that only reveals part of what is beyond its volume but breaks the rhythm of the spaces. It becomes a scenery that unites rather than separate. Initially developed for outdoor environments, it is a perfectly functional element even for interiors. It creates graphic games of shadow and light that characterize and give life to the environment.

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code Watt lm CCT
Hubnet - Recessed Floor - Aluminium
NEW* 28W 1800lm 3000K
Hubnet - Recessed Floor - Light Bronze
NEW* 28W 1800lm 3000K
Hubnet - Floor - Aluminium
NEW* 28W 1800lm 3000K
Hubnet - Floor - Light Bronze
NEW* 28W 1800lm 3000K

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