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Lamp installable both on the ground to provide side lighting for drives or spacious areas in gardens, and on walls, to create a wall washer effect. It is possible to install the device with the light pointed either downwards or upwards. Materials: die-cast painted aluminium lamp unit; satin finish diffuser made of satin finish methacrylate; die-cast aluminium wall attachment.

Product overview




delivered lumens output (lm)

6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Cuneo Wall/Floor Anthracite gray
T082720 17W 595lm 3000K
Cuneo Wall/Floor Gray/white
T082700 17W 595lm 3000K
Cuneo Wall/Floor Rust
T082710 17W 595lm 3000K
Cuneo Mini Wall/Floor Anthracite gray
T082820 11W 805lm 3000K
Cuneo Mini Wall/Floor Gray/white
T082800 11W 805lm 3000K
Cuneo Mini Wall/Floor Rust
T082810 11W 805lm 3000K


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