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The LED circuits are directly anchored to the aluminium casing of the body in order to maximize heat dissipation. Moreover, some dissipation fins have been included in the product design to increase the heat exchange surface with external air.The grid in the central part of the product allows natural air circulation, which cools the dissipation surface.Due to a natural convective motion, cold air removes heat from the dissipation grid, it heats up and moves upwards, through the lighting unit, getting new fresh air from the lower part. In this way, LEDs are maintained at a lower temperature and their life time and light efficiency increase. Consist of lighting unit and wall support. Lighting unit in painted die-cast EN-AB 47100 aluminium. High-performance asymmetrical optics in metalised polycarbonate.Screens in shock resistant, high transparent tempered glass.Wall support in painted steel. Painting is obtained with 3-stage outdoor treatment: nanotechnologies, antioxidant primer, polyester paint. AISI 316 stainless steel screws and silicone seal gaskets. Technical features of light fixtures in compliance with EN60598-1. IP Rating IP65. ENEC approved. Insulation class I.

Product overview



delivered lumens output (lm)


6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Provoca Wall 3000K Anthracite gray
T085430 25W 1502lm 3000K
Provoca Wall 3000K Gray/white
T085410 25W 1502lm 3000K
Provoca Pole 3000K Anthracite gray
T085430 25W 1502m 3000K
Provoca Pole 3000K Gray/white
T085410 25W 1502m 3000K
Provoca Pole 4000K Anthracite gray
T085420 25W 1400m 4000K
Provoca Pole 4000K Gray/white
T085400 25W 1400m 4000K


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