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Composed by lamp and ground support pole.
Lamp unit is die-cast EN-AB 47100 aluminium.
UV resistant diffuser in shock resistant polycarbonate with satiny finish.
Support pole h=350cm above ground +50cm underground in extruded EN-AW 6060 aluminium, chromate treated and painted.

Product overview




delivered lumens output (lm)


8 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Hila Wall Anthracite gray
T085830 24W 1403lm 3000K
Hila Wall Gray/white
T085810 24W 1403lm 3000K
Hila Pole 350 3000K Anthracite gray
T085930 24W 1403lm 3000K
Hila Pole 350 3000K Gray/white
T085910 24W 1403lm 3000K
Hila Pole 350 4000K Anthracite gray
T085920 24W 1311lm 4000K
Hila Pole 350 4000K Gray/white
T085900 24W 1311lm 4000K
Hila Floor 90 Anthracite gray
T085730 12W 841lm 3000K
Hila Floor 90 Gray/white
T085710 12W 841lm 3000K


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