Report 2018

Over the years Artemide has pursued a costant progress in the direction of a design process that is both conscious and respectful of men and the planet.

This commitment is now documented and measured through the Sustainability Report, in order to highlight all the values that guide Artemide's outlook towards the future.

Following the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative - guidelines, the company declares and certifies, according to a core approach, performance indicators and measurable objectives for environmental and social sustainability.

It is a transparent approach that shows how Artemide promotes tangible actions at all levels in order to improve the quality of our future.

Ernesto Gismondi with Discovery

Since the 1990s, "The Human Light" has been the beginning of a path that declares more and more explicitly an approach to the project guided by values, driven not only by scientific research and technological and productive expertise but also by a humanistic and ethical approach.

A.24 with Sharp emission

Growing Light - Gople RWB

Thanks to scientific and technological innovation, Artemide's The Human and Responsible Light philosophy makes it possible to rethink the environment, its resources and the energy project in ecosystem terms for a better quality of life. 

Light affects psychological and physiological well-being, nourishes nature and is also a means of communication that can provide new experiences and emotions to transform every space into the place where people would like to live.

Vetrofond, Glass Workshop

Artemide applies design criteria that aim to optimise the efficiency of its products and pays the highest attention to control the energy consumption.

Artemide's production is known for its high quality manufacturing and highly innovative processes combined with traditional craftsmanship techniques such as glass blowing.

Artemide pays particular attention to sustainability at each step of the production, from the definition of manufacturing processes and network of suppliers to the selection of materials and finishes.

The continuous challenging of production processes with the aim of making them more efficient and sustainable is a key area of investement for Artemide,  which has contributed to its establishment as a  leader innovator.

Artemide applies design criteria that aim to optimise the efficiency of its products and pays the highest attention to control the energy consumption.

Logico, photographed by Elliott Erwitt, 2001

The whole Artemide collection is the expression of responsible and careful design.

There is a continuous dedication and drive to develop new products in which attention to the environment is consistent and crucial to the design approach.

Artemide is committed to constant research in the attempt to create lighting systems that provide a better alternative to what is already existing.

Innovation is inspired by true values and demonstrated by several patents of invention which, thanks to minimal technological transfer, are immediately employed in the products.

Artemide's tangible commitment to 360° sustainability, not only environmental but also ethical, is a direction that has earned the company ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

Artemide Factory, Pregnana Milanese

Mirror Photogoniometer, Artemide Research and Development Department

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