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  • Jahr / 2018
  • Kategorie / Outdoor
  • Autor / Halliday Clark Architects

Effetto - Ernesto Gismondi

Ego - Studio Artemide

Talo - Neil Poulton

Artemide worked closely with founding partner, Adam Clark, of Halliday Clark Architects in Ilkley. 

Being used to Georgian and Victorian architecture, the clients placed great trust in their architect to design a new 'modern' home for their family.

Tagora 80 - S./R. Cornelissen

Pirce - Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

Logico 3x120º - Gerhard Reichert & Michele De Lucchi

Artemide lights the project both inside and out by applying sympathetic layers of light and highlighting particular architectural details to create a warm and inviting residence, not staged or clinically overdesigned - a home to enjoy.

Algoritmo - Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Everything 80 - Ernesto Gismondi

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