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Red Edition

This year Nessino got a new holiday dress!⁣

Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli and Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova, in the glamorous 60’s, Nessino is an international icon of futuristic, democratic design.⁣

Originally introduced in 1967 as a bigger version, Nessino was a marvel of ABS thermoplastic injection-molding, bringing industrial materials and methods to the home and office environments. A dash of color and a design inspired from nature, stems from the visionary identity of Artemide.⁣

Its iconic curves wind into a true collectible, an expressive statement piece of internationally acclaimed calibre and fame. Is considered a valuable piece of art, an icon of design, part of the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.⁣

Ph. Pierpaolo Ferrari

Ph. Pierpaolo Ferrari

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