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The Modernist

  • Year / 2019
  • Category / Hospitality
  • Author / Arch. Ana Jokic
  • Photo / Roberto Pastrovicchio

The Hotel Modernist, in the historical city centre of Trieste, offers an unusual and dynamic key to the world of hospitality.
The historical structure, finely restored, allows you to admire the passage of time and the activities that have taken place.
In the common areas, the use of the A24 system, in copper finish, gives the possibility of light architectural details, and also places the right emphasis on furniture and finishes sought after.
In the rooms, all different in size, colour and furnishing, the lamps Tolomeo, Miconos, Nh and Discovery alternate, creating suggestions and atmospheres that are always different.

"Unusual and dynamic key to the world of hospitality"

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