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Unterlinden suspension

A suspension lamp designed for museum lighting, combining the aesthetic charm of an old-time object with high technology and engineering.Materials: lamp body in die-cast aluminium or bronze; ceiling rose in technopolymer; ceiling fi xing plate in steel.Specifi cation: the light source is a COB LED to ensure a maximum luminous effi ciency. The light beam is also controlLED by a higheffi ciency optic polymeric lens especially designed to collimate light. The lamp body has a dual function: dissipate the heat produced by the LED source and direct the luminous fl ow downwards.

Product overview


delivered lumens output (lm)


4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Unterlinden Suspension LED 2700K Aluminium
1935W10A 7.5W 339lm 2700K
Unterlinden Suspension LED 2700K Brass
1936W10A 7.5W 339lm 2700K
Unterlinden Suspension LED 3000K Aluminium
1935010A 7.5W 349lm 3000K
Unterlinden Suspension LED 3000K Brass
1936010A 7.5W 349lm 3000K


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