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Copernico 500 Suspension

Suspension lamp, an extension of the range of theCopernico series.
Copernico is obtained from a single laser-cut sheet of anodised aluminium; when off the device appears completely flat. The modest volume and weight significantly reduce energy use during the transportation and storage phase. The articulation with copper contacts (patent pending) allows the power supply to pass between the concentric ellipses that make up the structure, and enables these to be rotated independently over 360°.
The mobility of the elements and the low voltage LED light sources allow users to configure the light in space by clasping and physically moving the object, modulating emission according to need. The light flow can be oriented homogeneously in all directions (isotropic emission) or only spread over portions of the environment, enabling us to participate in the light experience.

Product overview


2 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Copernico 500 Suspension Red
1608040A 30.4W 2375lm 0K
Copernico 500 Suspension White
1608030A 30.4W 2375lm 0K


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