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Logico table

Materials: Chromed zinc-alloy base, chrome-plated steel structure; blown glass diffuser with polished-silk finish.Three layers blown glass (crystal + silk + crystal) in a mold which is upside down to assure structural consistence to glass. Logico tavolo and Logico tavolo mini have a touch dimmer to adjust the light intensity.

Product overview




delivered lumens output (lm)

8 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Logico table Fumé/Chrome
0457110A 138W 1890lm 2800K
Logico table Gloss silk/Chrome
0457120A 126W 1592lm 2800K
Logico table Silk gloss/Aluminum gray
0457020A 126W 1592lm 2800K
Logico table Tobacco/Chrome
0457140A 138W 1890lm 2800K
Logico Mini table Fumé/Chrome
0700110A 84W 1035lm 2800K
Logico Mini table Silk gloss/Aluminum gray
0700020A 70W 1083lm 2900K
Logico Mini table Silk gloss/Chrome
0700120A 70W 1083lm 2900K
Logico Mini table Tobacco/Chrome
0700140A 84W 1035lm 2800K


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