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Light fixture with high-performance LED light sources. Ceiling, wall or floor installation. Flexible profile. Flexible UV-resistant polyurethane resin rim. Accurate led selection equal to 3 Step MacAdam, ensuring colour consistency. 3M adhesive film to fix the product, supplied with the fixture. Remote driver. Electrical connection to the driver by means of H05RN-F (IP65) or FEP-FEP cable (IP40), and appropriate terminal board, provided with the fixture. White monochromatic LEDs available in 2 colour temperatures: Warm = 3200K Neutral = 3800K RGB Full colour LED. IP Rating IP65 or IP40. Insulation class III. Operating temperature -20°C / +40°C. Technical features of light fixtures in compliance with EN60598-1. Installation must be carried out by specialized personnel. Carefully follow the instructions.

Product overview



delivered lumens output (lm)


6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Dedalo IP40 240 LED RGB
NL17036 60W RGB
Dedalo IP40 300 LED
NL17032VTK0 24W 1104lm 3200K
Dedalo IP40 600 LED
NL17032VTK1 48W 2202lm 3200K
Dedalo - IP65 - 24W 3200K
NL17034VTK0 24W 1104lm 3200K
Dedalo -IP65 - RGB 60W
NL17037 60W RGB
Dedalo IP65 600 LED
NL17034VTK1 48W 2202lm 3200K


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