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Gople Lamp

Gople Lamp reconciles human spaces and nature through light. A mouth-blown glass produced according to an ancient traditional venetian technique encloses a patented RWB light technology that helps plants grow, creates scenic or ambiance effects, and provides functional white lighting. The RWB system, patented in 2011, is a new paradigm, a different way to approach coloured light – no longer RGB (red-green-blue) for man’s psychophysical wellbeing, but rather RWB (red-white-blue) for a light that is respectful of man and the environment. Gople Lamp RWB calibrates its emissions according to the PPFD values required in two phases where appropriate supply of light is crucial: the multiplication phase is accompanied by blue radiations with a 425-450 nm wavelength, whereas the blooming phase is supported by red radiation between 575 and 625 nm. Gople combines direct and controlled RWB emission with white indirect diffused light that can be controlled separately.

Product overview

light color


4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Gople Lamp - RWB
1407010A 21W + 39W 1100lm + 2250lm 2700K
Gople Lamp - Copper
1405040A 20W
Gople Lamp - Silver
1405010A 20W
Gople Lamp - White
1405020A 20W


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