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Gople Lamp

The minimal and elegant shape of the Gople lamp enhances the beauty of the glass which is hand-processed according to an ancient Venetian technique, that makes each piece unique. Gople Lamp has three mesmerizing finishes, smooth white, and sparkle silver or copper, obtained with a vacuum metallization. Glass finishing is designed to ensure the best relation with the emitted light, screening the source and maximizing direct emission through transparency. The basic version with the traditional E27 socket is designed to provide different performance levels compared to the more innovative RWB version, where colours can be combined with each other to create lightscapes that meet space requirements. The patented RWB light technology helps plants grow, creates scenic or ambiance effects and provides functional white lighting. It is a new paradigm, a different way to approach coloured light for a project that is respectful of man and the environment.

Product overview

light color


4 Codes found

code Watt lm
Gople Lamp - RWB
1407010A 21W + 39W 1100lm + 2250lm
Gople Lamp - Copper
1405040A 20W
Gople Lamp - Silver
1405010A 20W
Gople Lamp - White
1405020A 20W


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