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Light, architectural space and natural landscape are the main elements of this project, based on principles of reduction of energy and materials.Through the dematerialization of volumes and mimetic transparency, and thanks to a slim recycled aluminium structure and methacrylate body, Mimesi does not hinder the vision, but silently integrates with the surrounding environment. When turned on it becomes a central element in the staging of people’s lives, highlighting luminous writing on the cortex of the light.An indirect 40 W LED light source and a diffuse one guarantee double light emission and two different colour temperatures.The combination of the controlling circuit and innovative LED technology results in a reduced need for maintaince.

Product overview

app compatible

2 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Mimesi 3000K - App Compatible
1835010APP 42W 3733lm 3000K
Mimesi 3000K
1835010A 42W 3733lm 3000K


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