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Light fixture with high-performance LED light sources.
Wall/ceiling installation.
Composed by extruded aluminium body, diffuser and protection frame.
Electrical connection to the ballast by means of 110cm-long two-pole cable H07RN-F,with IP68 terminal board supplied with the fixture.
Body in extruded EN AW6060 T5 aluminium.
24Vdc remote ballast.

Product overview




delivered lumens output (lm)

12 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
SuperSpike RGB 100W - 13°
NL756610C0 100,8W
SuperSpike RGB 100W - 23°
NL756625C0 100,8W
SuperSpike RGB 100W - 40°
NL756640C0 100,8W
SuperSpike RGB 50W - 13°
NL756510C0 50,4W
SuperSpike RGB 50W - 23°
NL756525C0 50,4W
SuperSpike RGB 50W - 40°
NL756540C0 50,4W
SuperSpike 50W - 13° 3000K
NL716610K0 50W 1411lm 3000K
SuperSpike 50W - 23° 3000K
NL716625K0 50W 1346lm 3000K
SuperSpike 50W - 40° 3000K
NL716640K0 50W 1463lm 3000K
SuperSpike 67W - 13° 3000K
NL716710K0 67W 1881lm 3000K
SuperSpike 67W - 23° 3000K
NL716725K0 67W 1795lm 3000K
SuperSpike 67W - 40° 3000K
NL716740K0 67W 1951lm 3000K


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