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Falange 18

Adjustable light fixture with direct emission, with high-performance LED light sources.Ground, wall, eaves installation.2 sizes: 134 x134, 238 x134 mm.Composed by adjustable lighting unit and support (housing the wiring). Rotation on the base +/-180°, body tilt +/-100° by means of a graduated metal ring allowing an accurate adjustment.Positioning is maintained by means of locking dowels.Body and support in EN AB44100 aluminium, silicone gaskets.Electronic ballast integrated in the body.Silkscreened tempered glass siliconed to a secondary frame.Wiring to be carried out by means of plug IP 68.

Product overview



delivered lumens output (lm)

6 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Falange 18 flood 34° Anthracite gray
NL3000139K002 44W 1529lm 3000K
Falange 18 flood 34° Gray/white
NL3000139K005 44W 1529lm 3000K
Falange 18 spot 10° Anthracite gray
NL3000110K005 44W 1917lm 3000K
Falange 18 spot 10° Gray/white
NL3000110K002 44W 1917lm 3000K
Falange 18 wall washer EL Anthracite gray
NL30001ELK005 44W 1661lm 3000K
Falange 18 wall washer EL Gray/white
NL30001ELK002 44W 1661lm 3000K


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