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Come together

1999 Sui: “18 portable and rechargeable LEDs. It’s a revolution” 2018 Come together: “A perfect light and up to 16 hours of operation without mains power. A new 2.0 revolution.” Carlotta de Bevilacqua “Artemide sets light free” in 1999 with Sui. Today we can all create our own light in our space, wherever it is, with high lighting performances comparable to traditionally powered lamps, as well as long-term independence from mains power. For optical and grabbing purposes, the profile of Come together is shaped like an instrument capable to accompany man through space. The body is a transparent optical device with gradients to carry and distribute light: it works as an "empty" light pipe for lightness and optical intelligence.

Descripción del producto


flujo luminoso (lm)

5 códigos encontrados

código Potencia (W) lm CCT
Come together - Aluminium
0165020A 3.6W 370lm 3000K
Come together - Black
S0165010A05 3.6W 370lm 3000K
Come together - Copper
0165030A 3.6W 360lm 3000K
Come together - Red
S0165010A04 3.6W 370lm 3000K
Come together - White
0165010A 3.6W 374lm 3000K


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