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“O” is an essential element that, when switched o , frames nature and suggests perspectives, an unobtrusive object in space that does not alter environmental balances. Its controlled and comfortable light emission can be adjusted with sensors and with the Artemide App to ensure focused operation, thus preventing waste and respecting the circadian cycles of all animal and plant species. Introduced in 2018 in the ground and suspended outdoor versions, it is a perfect lighting appliance also for indoor use thanks to a cabled option that allows easy relocation. In this case too, the IP protection grade is anyway t for outdoor use. Its lightness is not just formal: its thin aluminium pro le is an element on its own, which can be moved wherever necessary, allows multiple uses, and creates a pleasant ambiance anywhere with its soft, non-glaring light. “O” is developed in the original 90-cm diameter version, as well as in a smaller, 45-cm version featuring all the characteristics of the original one. All the versions come with both a white and a black nish to match all possible spaces. “O” is thus a comprehensive family of elements creating dynamic lightscapes.

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código Potencia (W) lm CCT
"O" 45 - Wall/Ceiling
NEW* 22W 859lm 3000K
"O" - Suspension
T072030 42W 1595lm 3000K
"O" 45 - Suspension
NEW* 22W 859lm 3000K
"O" - Floor
T071030 42W 1595lm 3000K
"O" 45 - Floor
NEW* 22W 859lm 3000K


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