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“O” is an attempt to reconcile the needs of the natural and the urban environment. Darkness and disappearance will be the contribution of “O” to nature and public spaces. Alejandro Aravena The more the planet becomes urban, the more we appreciate the value of natural spaces. The cities with the highest quality of life are those that were visionary enough to keep portions of untouched nature within their foot print and transform them into public spaces. The problem is that the forces that govern nature and modern urban life, even if guided by good will, tend to pull in opposite directions. One of the strongest intrusions in the natural order (and yet one of that remains almost unnoticed) is the disappearance of darkness in our cities. In the attempt to make parks safe, we not only invade them with poles and cables. But we alter forever the circadian rhythm that is crucial for the existence of species, both animal and vegetal. Our strategy is twofold: on one hand is to design a light for public spaces that when is not in use can be as imperceptible as possible; light without a lamp. On the other hand is to take advantage of different types of sensors so that light appears just when needed, light only on demand.

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"O" Floor
T071030 30W 1287lm 2700K
"O" Suspension
T072030 30W 1287lm 2700K


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