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  • Año / 2017
  • Categoría / Hospitality
  • Autor / Studio ARX2
  • Foto / Riccardo Gasperoni

Giancarlo Noce, Giovanni Picolli and Angela Natale, architects associated in the ARX2 Studio, worked on the conversion into a hostel of a neo-Gothic building of 1900 located in the centre of Milan. 
The intervention, agreed with the Superintendence of Monuments and Fine Arts of Milan, maintaining the morphological characteristics of the building organism, aimed at adapting the original spaces to the needs of use of an accommodation facility.

The formal choices adopted, particularly minimalist, have been happily integrated with the expressive force of the original architecture; inside, artistic lighting installations and lighting solutions with a very high design content enhance the plastic richness of the roof vaults, while outside they highlight the decorative stone elements of the imposing brick facade.

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