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Pad System

Pad System is the result of a study on the theme of office lighting, which defines a new way of producing light where functional quality and comfort are the main values.With the innovative patented ALEF (Advanced Light Emitting Film) technology of LG, Pad System upsets the traditional optical approaches (based on reflectors and refractors) used in working environments, which allow to control light emission but, at the same time, result into a non-uniform appearance of the appliance’s output surface.With ALEF, a patent derived from TV-screen backlighting systems, Pad System appears as a perfectly uniform luminous surface, capable to control emission over 60° beyond the appliance’s ordinary one while ensuring high uniformity values, low luminance levels, and an UGR below 19, according to the provisions of UNI 12464 (luminance at 65° <3000 cd/m2 – average UGR < 19).The appliance’s body has a very thin aluminium edge (90x20mm), which makes Pad System one of the world’s slimmest technical office lighting systems.Flexibility is ensured by the joints, which allow to obtain multiple modular configurations.

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potencia (w)

flujo luminoso (lm)


8 códigos encontrados

código Potencia (W) lm CCT
Pad System Stand Alone Dali+Switch-Dim_3000K_Blanco
M3050W21 53W 5569lm 3000K
Pad System Stand Alone Dali+Switch-Dim_3000K_Polished aluminium
M3050W61 53W 5569lm 3000K
Pad System Stand Alone Dali+Switch-Dim_4000K_Blanco
M3050N21 53W 6365lm 4000K
Pad System Stand Alone Dali+Switch-Dim_4000K_Polished aluminium
M3050N61 53W 6365lm 4000K
Pad System Dali+Switch-Dim 3000K - Polished aluminium
M3051W61 39W 3062lm 3000K
Pad System Dali+Switch-Dim 3000K - White
M3051W21 39W 3062lm 3000K
Pad System Dali+Switch-Dim 4000K - Polished aluminum
M3051N61 39W 3499lm 4000K
Pad System Dali+Switch-Dim 4000K - White
M3051N21 39W 3499lm 4000K


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