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Seehotel Ambach, 1973

  • Año / 2020
  • Categoría / Hospitality
  • Autor / Othmar Barth
  • Foto / Alex Filz, Emanuele Rambaldi

Shogun - Mario Botta

Artemide created a unique lighting design for the Seehotel Ambach, enhancing Othmar Barth's modern architecture and its connection to the surrounding nature. Using direct and indirect light sources, they emphasised the architectural lines of the building and created a balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. The lighting helped to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. In summary, Artemide helped to make the Seehotel Ambach a magical place, combining history, art and scenic beauty in a relaxing experience unparalleled in South Tyrol.

Tolomeo Wall - Michele De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina

Teti - Vico Magistretti

Shogun - Mario Botta

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